We help students and young professionals to transform their potential talent into powerful adaptive capacity. We achieve this by facilitating simulation-based experiential learning to develop personal potential attributes in an individual including Thinking, Creativity, Communication, Ethics & Integrity, Team Work, and Planning & Organisation.

Global Conference Series

MUNCafé designs, develops and delivers some of the best global MUN programs in association with our partner organizations at some of the most prestigious universities in the world including Harvard, MIT, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Georgetown, Oxford, Princeton etc.

These learning journeys delivered around the world in India, USA, UK, Singapore, China, South Korea & Hungary include talks, workshops, interactions & events hosted by global organizations such as WFUNA, think-tanks, governments & diplomatic bodies, embassies and multi-national corporations. 

Learning & Mentorship Series

Through our engaging and dynamic training programs, we trigger a unique adaptive capacity development process in interested participants. The essential focus of these programs is to develop leadership faculties in students even as they apply and test their progress through exciting experiential learning tools like MUN & other similar academic simulations. Delivered in over 60 schools in various destinations across the world, these programs have reached to over 8000 students in the past 7 years since their inception

Knowledge Series

The most fundamental element to a successful Model UN participation is General Awareness & Knowledge. A comprehensive knowledge base of global & regional issues affecting the world is a pre-requisite for an impactful opinion building & consensus generation process. As they say in Washington D.C -Nothing works like a 'true fact'. 


Our knowledge series programs are designed, developed & edited by Subject Matter Experts, Leading MUNners and elite MUN Alumni drawn from some of the best organisations & universities. 

Consulting Services

Our expert team of consultants & managers can help you host MUN conferences and clubs by providing various resources & services of global standards. We provide value in various domains including but not limited to recruitment, branding, content development, technology solutions, speaker engagement, sponsorships and partnerships.


Our larger aim is to help every institution use this powerful experiential learning tool in the process of developing 21st century citizens & leaders.


Please write to us at info@muncafe.com. We will be delighted to assist!

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