MUN, Yale and a whole lot of America!

"We are all but what we do." - unknown

Not always in life do we get opportunities that allow you to explore your inner potentials, apply your knowledge and skill into resolving some of the most pressing issues all the while you journey through some of the most iconic cities along the East Coast of the United States of America.

MUNCafe's MUNX is such a program, "The Future Leaders Project" where students develop essential skills for life such as research, reading, writing, presentation, working in teams, negotiation among others. At MUNCafe, we think Global, act Global and MUN Globally. MUNX USA - East Coast encompassing the Yale MUN 2016 is one such adventure that students will find difficulty in forgetting. From university immersion programs in Yale and Georgetown to simulations and guided explorations at the United Nations Headquarters, the US Capitol, the Smithsonians among others, this educational journey has it all.

5 schools from India: Silver Oaks School (Hyderabad), RBK Academy (Mumbai), Rishikul Vidyalaya (Mumbai), Vidya Sanskar International School (Faridabad) and the Doon School (Dehradun) will embark on this journey as delegations for one of the world's most sought-after MUN conferences, the Yale MUN, hosted by the Yale Intl Relations Association (YIRA), New Haven.

Besides MUN workshops and a full-time Global MUN mentor on-the-go, MUNCafe will add to the educational elements of the program with explorations in New York and Washington DC. There will also be ample amount of time for all students to self-explore Times Square, shop, and eat a whole lot of different cuisines!

Curators from MUNCafe who will be with delegations at all times - Raghav Bir Singh, Pragnya Kotaru, Samriddha Ghosh and Bharat Reddy.

Each delegation's Faculty Advisor will be given a US SIM card with International calling facility. Delegates can make calls to home from this phone.

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