It's California time again!

It's that time of the year again! Last year, MUNCafe introduced the MUNX USA West Coast circuit with BruinMUN which proved to be one of the most experiential programs for the participating schools. In November 20115, we are back with the next edition of BruinMUN by UCLA.

Journeying through the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, delegations will explore the sunny side of the USA! With its numerous beaches, laid back culture and love for music and food, California also makes it the perfect spot for some of the largest global tech companies. Through the course of this program, students will experience one of the most interesting MUN conferences with a special agenda for the novice delegates, explore some of the biggest global universities and bask in the California weather while visiting some of the most iconic places such as Hollywood, Universal Studios, Beverly Hills, etc.

Join the delegates in this fantastic journey. For updates, please click on the image on the right side.

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