WIMUN 2015 and East Coast!

This year, East Coast is early with MUNCafe! We bring to you a Model UN conference that's the closest there is to a true UN session experience. The World Federation of UN Associations brings the WFUNA International MUN, right in the heart of New York in USA, a conference marked by its extraordinary staff who are from different parts of the world, a participation across 30 countries and a host of events that take place at the UN Headquarters. MUNCafe has been the outreach partners for WFUNA and WIMUN in Asia and the Middle East.

Through the MUNX USA and the East Coast circuit, MUNCafe takes its participants on a journey unlike any. These programs are customized to complement the MUN experience in an exciting way. In the next few days, schools will be taking on a journey through the East Coast of USA visiting cities of Washington DC, New York and Boston in their own itineraries, learning about America, its history, its heritage, culture and enjoying some great food.

Join them in this exploration. Click on the school name to se their progress and updates with pictures that are posted daily by the program curator.

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