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What is the Model UN School of Leadership?

The Model UN School of Leadership is an innovative learning ecosystem, developed to address the need for 21st century leadership in the youth. It combines the power of traditional Model UN with parallel learning modules, experiential learning structures, and mentorship, to offer holistic leadership and skill development programs. The flagship program at the Model UN School of Leadership (MSoL), is the Model UN Fellowship Program.


What is the Model UN Fellowship?

The Model UN Fellowship is a skill development program for high school students, that revolves around Model UN. It comprises a week-long residential skill development module, a world-class conference experience, consistent mentorship from accomplished leaders, and a week-long internship experience. At the end of the program, the participants are recognized as Model UN Leaders and can access leadership opportunities through MSoL.

Why should you undertake the Model UN fellowship program at the School of Leadership?

Model UN has expanded into a vast ecosystem in India. Each year, over 5000 students participate in Model UN, and over 800 Best Delegate awards are given. As such, it is increasingly difficult for students to showcase their talent and stand out from the crowd, when applying to college, internships, or professional opportunities. 


The Fellowship Program gives students a structured Model UN experience which is quantifiable, verifiable and credible. It demonstrates the student's leadership capacity, and passion and dedication for Model UN. Our vast network of partners, faculty, guest speakers and mentors also gives students access to opportunities to lead the ecosystem, and stand out from the crowd. 


What is the program structure?

The Model UN Fellowship program is structured into three separate stages: Learner, Delegate, and Manager.  The fellowship begins with the ‘Learner’ Stage which comprises a week-long skill development module, delivered at the MSoL campus, on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Upon completion of this module, the fellows proceed to the ‘Delegate’ Stage by participating in a Model UN conference of their choice. After having gained preliminary Model UN experience, the fellows take on the ‘Manager’ Stage in the form of project-based internships at global Model UN conferences, before being recognized as leaders of the community.


How do students complete the ‘Learner’ Stage of the program?

The ‘Learner’ stage is completed by attending the skill development camp at the MSoL Campus, in Hyderabad. The skill camp is a 7-day residential module, which develops students’ critical skills, as well as orients them to the entire fellowship program. The dates for the ‘Learner’ stage camp of the summer cycle are 24th July to 30th July.


How do students complete the ‘Delegate’ Stage of the program?

The ‘Delegate’ stage is completed by participating in a Model UN conference, and sending the filled self-assessment form to the program mentor. Students are guided through their conference experience by their mentors, and also have access to MUNCafe’s training and preparation material. Students may attend a conference of their choice, at a time suitable to them.


How do students complete the ‘Manager’ Stage of the program?

The ‘Manager’ Stage of the program is completed by serving an internship at a Model UN conference, as part of the MUNCafe team. Students will take on various roles centred around conference management and delivery, and will participate in orientation and training sessions at the conference venue. Alternatively, students may also choose to serve an internship with MUNCafe, at our headquarters in Hyderabad. Conference role internships can be served at Harvard MUN India (August) in Hyderabad, Ivy League MUN India (November) in Delhi, or WFUNA International MUN India (April) in Agra. The length of the internship is about 5 days in the case of a conference internship, and about 7 days in the case of an internship served at MUNCafe.


How does the mentorship aspect of the program work?

Each student is assigned a mentor during the ‘Learner Stage’ camp, who remains their mentor throughout the program. Students can redirect their queries, concerns, questions, doubts and grievances towards their mentors, who will be available to them through the year, through email and skype, or similar. The mentors will also deliver exclusive webinars each month for the fellows, on topics related to Model UN, and will evaluate the fellows on their progress at the camp, and through the program.

What are the learning outcomes of the program?

Through the Fellowship program, students develop their adaptive capacity and leadership faculties, besides building upon their 21st century skills including communication, collaboration, teamwork and empathy. The mentorship and internship also makes students capable of making better and informed decisions regarding college admissions and career choices. Of course, the Fellowship also provides students with a credible Model UN experience and kickstarts a Model UN career!


Who are the mentors for the program?

The mentors from the program are board members and alumni of international student associations at Harvard, Yale and Georgetown universities, with extensive Model UN experience.


Who are the faculty for the program?

The faculty of the program span various fields, professions and geographies. The faculty includes a retired army commander, theatre artists, a think tank founder, an analyst from McKinsey, a local politician, academicians, scholars and others.


What is the school’s responsibilities during the program?

The Model UN Fellowship program is undertaken individually, and not as part of a school delegation.


What is the application process for the Fellowship Program?

Prospective students need to apply for the program through the webpage, or by sending a physical copy of the application form to MUNCafe. The Fellowship Program is a limited-seats opportunity, and admissions are offered on a rolling basis. Early applications are strongly encouraged. The application form can be found at:


What is the program fee?

The program fee for the Model UN Fellowship is Rs. 85,000/- per student (exclusive of taxes). This fee includes all elements of the program, including meals, accommodation, materials and fees.


Note: The only additional cost (to be borne by the participant) is the cost of travel (as per actuals) for the learner stage camp and the manager stage internship, in case the internship is not in Hyderabad.


Where is the ‘Learner Stage’ camp held?

The Model UN School of Leadership campus is located on the outskirts of Hyderabad. The ‘Learner Stage’ camp is held at this campus.

What facilities does the MUNCafe School of Leadership campus offer?

The MSoL Campus is a gated campus, set in a farmland, amidst hills and boulders, at Shapur Village in Khilla Ghanpur Mandal, on the outskirts of Hyderabad. The campus offers a vibrant opportunity to explore several outdoor elements, and is skirted with farms, nature trails, and Khilla Ghanpur (a 13th century fort). The campus offers separate accommodation for boys and girls, in high quality weather-proof tents, with comfortable cots, LED lighting and plug points. The campus is equipped with separate washrooms for boys and girls, with geysers and shower cubicles. The campus also boasts of a games room, an activities room, a library, a cafeteria, a sports field, and a small lake.


What are the safety features of the MSoL Campus?

The MSoL campus is managed by an expert team of trained facilitators with experience in outdoor learning and adventure activities. The team is also supported by security personnel who are stationed on-campus, to ensure the safety of the participants. The entire team is first-aid certified, and there is a certified doctor on campus during all programs, in case of emergencies. All the equipment used at the campus conforms to the Union of International Alpinism Association (UIAA) standards. The campus has a back-up power supply, and provisions for emergencies. Furthermore, live program updates are sent to the parents, teachers and school on each day, to allow them to track their students’ progress and safety.


Are the students accompanied by a teacher during the ‘Learner Stage’ camp?

The students are not accompanied by their faculty/teachers during the ‘Learner Stage’ camp. This is a conscious decision of MSoL, which allows for students to have an open learning environment, and encourages each student to express themselves to the fullest. However, live program updates are sent to the parents, teachers and school each day.


Can the learner stage camp be undertaken as a stand-alone program?

Currently, the Model UN School of Leadership does not allow its students to undertake individual elements of the fellowship program as stand-alone programs. However, MSoL also offers custom programs for schools, with a minimum participation of about 25 students.  


How to contact the Model UN School of Leadership?

We may be contacted via email at You may also contact the program manager, Mr. Nikunj Agarwal, via telephone on +91 95450 13497

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