Model UN and allied academic simulations are the most popular extracurricular academic activities among students across the world. What Makes Model UN so special?
A Powerful Experiential Learning Tool
Model United Nations, popularly referred to as MUN, is an academic simulation of the United Nations & its various organs. In this creative simulation participants take up the role of international diplomats & representatives of countries in various UN bodies including UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO, WTO, UN Security council among others. 


The intense discussions, informed deliberations and unyielding negotiations culminate in many structured resolutions being voted upon by the participants, employing the similar procedures and protocols as the United Nations itself. The aim of a MUN is to develop universally acceptable proposals to solve some of the pressing global issues including poverty, health, energy & education, conflict, wildlife & conservation, climate change, imbalanced trade among others. These resolutions will be forwarded to UN itself as youth opinion for active consideration for its own functioning & planning purposes.

Large Scale Global Impact
Model UN particpants & ethusiasts typically pursue global careers professionally delivering high-impact in their chosen fields of work with an aim to build a brighter world. Over 20 million alumni of MUN are already making a significant positive difference in the World.What originally started in 1920 as a simulation  of The League of Nations, Model United Nations (MUN) today has been widely accepted as a powerful experiential learning tool across the spectrum of educational institutions. It is estimated that over 2.6 mn students from over 100 countries participate in MUN conferences of varying sizes and impact. The USA alone accounts for 60% of this number although MUN popularity as an educational tool is rapidly developing in other countries including India, China, Brazil & South-East Asia.

The various resoultions passed at prestigious Model UN conferences across the world are consolidated and passed onto the United Nations as youth opinion. The UN for MUN initiative launched recently recognises the importance of streamlining & channeling youth opinion through such powerful experiential learning tools. The UN, its offices and organs across the world and its officers encourage institutions to adopt and deliver impactful sessions of Model UN.

The Unique Edge
At a personal level a Model UN  engagement stretches the general knowledge & awareness of the participants while sensitising them to the challenging global issues and the intricate challenges of being a global leader. 

An MUN engagement demands and develops 


  • Comprehensive knowledge about various global issues

  • Understanding of the positions & perspectives of various countries about a variety of topics

  • A creative thought process to come up with solutions to world problems.

  • Skills to negotiate, articulate and market ideas

  • Ability to speak with clarity & conviction in large meetings


The overall conference experience and the associated social agenda also help delegates develop a very useful global peer-network empowering them with the necessary resources to deliver on their ideas in the future.

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