the international cricket council

The International Cricket Council (ICC) stands as the principle organizational body for cricket. Originally formed in 1909 by England, South Africa, and Australia, the ICC has now expanded to include 10 permanent members and 95 Associate and Affiliate members. The ICC organizes and manages all international cricket tournaments - most significantly, the Cricket World Cup.

Topic A: Corruption

As with any sporting organization, the ICC must often contend with bribery and corruption. Following the cricket scandal of 2010, in which members of Pakistan's team were bribed into under-performing at matches, the ICC has been forced to contend with its corruption problem more seriously. One of the tasks of the ICC when it meets in February is to strengthen, or perhaps even entirely reform, the Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU). The committee's task will be to combat corruption both among international teams and within the ICC itself; end match-fixing; and maintain a strict moral conduct for players and all participants in international tournaments.

Topic B: Expansion of the Sport

As it stands, cricket remains a popular sport primarily in nations of the former British Empire, such as India, Pakistan, and Australia.  The second topic of this committee will therefore be twofold: first, a consideration on how the ICC can work to enhance the popularity of cricket in countries where it is little-known or played; and second, the induction of more countries into full membership. For example, cultivating a stronger cricket following in the United States and China will be a valuable investment, and will ensure the continuation and strengthening of the ICC and the future of cricket itself. After the ICC cultivates and produces this popularity in more countries, those countries can then be inducted into full membership, using metrics the committee will define. This committee should debate and produce ways in which these objectives can be accomplished in a realistic and efficient manner.

Chair: Rohit Tallapragada

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