The Indian Parliament

Chair: Rachel Morota

Members of Parliament,

We convene to discuss some of the most critical challenges our country faces today: cyber security and energy security. As members of the Lok Sabha, you must balance the interests of your own community with that of the country overall to craft comprehensive and effective solutions. Consider not only the national security implications, but also the economic and geopolitical ramifications of your decisions. Your success depends on your creativity, understanding of the material, and ability to persuade fellow members what actions must be taken to tackle these issues.

Topic A: Cyber Security

As India grows increasingly networked, cyber-attacks on government websites and private-sector networks have proliferated; cyber-security has emerged as one of our most pressing national security needs. Moving forward, the Lok Sabha must simultaneously enhance India’s cyber infrastructure while also respecting its citizens’ privacy.

Topic B: Energy Security

Energy security also merits the Lok Sabha’s attention. India’s demand for energy has grown with its economy. Currently, the country’s energy security is under great strain due to several factors, such as increased dependence on imported oil, murky pricing policies, and poorly developed infrastructure. These issues must be tackled to ensure India’s continuous development.