Partners Speak



Harvard International Relations Council, Harvard University, Boston, MA, USA



Yale International Relations Association, Yale University,

New Haven 



MIT Model United Nations,

MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA



Ivy League Model United Nations,

University of Pennsylvania, 

Philladelphia, USA



WELAND International

WEMUN Expo hosts, Beijing City,




Georgetown International Relations Association, Georgetwon University, Washington D.C, USA



Berkeley Model United Nations,

University of California, Berkeley,

California, USA


BRUIN Model United Nations

University of California, Los Angeles, California



Harvard Model Congress

Harvard University, Boston, USA.



College Apprentice

 Boston, USA.



United Nations Center for India & Bhutan, New Delhi, India



*partial list only

** past & current partners


Hunter Richard

Secretary General

Harvad MUN, Boston 2012

Harvard IRC, Boston, USA

The entire MUNCafe team are a professional, driven, and devoted group of MUN enthusiasts who were a great pleasure to work with. They embraced and followed through on a vision to launch a successful collaboration with Harvard MUN that has been a great benefit to both sides. Furthermore, they are committed to a high standard and quality of content delivery and training that exceeds their competitors in the MUN community.

Divya Seth

Secretary General

Harvard Model United Nations

India, 2013 Int'l Session

Working with MUNCafe, first as a Director and then as Secretary-General of HMUN India 2013, has been an incredible experience. Despite the international nature of our partnership and the time difference, we were able to have regular meetings and conversations that allowed a conference for 1200 students to be planned by two teams on two different continents. Furthermore, the attention to detail by the MunCafe team was exemplary -- both in the pre-conference stages and during the conference itself. This attention to detail ranged from webinars to speaker series to post-conference study tours. It showed that MUNCafe shared our most important value -- delivering a conference that engaged and inspired the future leaders of the world.

Nikita Consul

Secretary General


MIT, Cambridge, USA

I can speak for the talent and potential that is characteristic of the students trained by MUNCafe. All of the students are respectful in committee and very successful in their debate and resolution-writing. They truly stand out among others in this international science-based MUN conference, and stand for the values that MUNCafe stands for. The richness of the MITMUNC experience is definitely in part due to the attendance of hard-working and driven international students, such as those from MUNCafe.

Anais Cormona

Global MUN Ambassador

Georgetown International

Relations Association

Through the GMAP Ambassador program, I had the opportunity to come face to face with some of the most brilliant students in India through a partnership that fostered an environment conducive to hands on learning about the United Nations. MUNCafe’s mission, its dedicated team, and the effect of the program on young minds goes unmatched.

Theresa Lou

Secretary General.NAIMUN 50

Georgetown Int'l Relations Association, Washington D.C

Yasmin Farukhi

Global Ambassador

Georgetown Int'l Relations Association, Washington D.C

It was a pleasure working with MUNCafe this past year on GMAP. Our ambassadors have nothing but the highest praise for the organization and were all grateful for the opportunity to travel to India and have an impact on others. We look forward to fruitful partnerships in the future.

Serving as a GMAP Ambassador has been possibly the most rewarding experience of my life. As a result of the partnership between the Georgetown International Relations Association and MUN Cafe, I was able to travel to four different cities to teach students about the importance of diplomacy and Model UN.


Organizations like MUN-Cafe have clearly made an investment in training our future global citizens, by helping students form connections with other people and engaging them in international affairs. From helping me facilitate the training sessions, to all the sightseeing I wanted to do, everyone at MUN Cafe made my experience worthwhile. It was a true honor and privilege to have been apart of this program.