what's in store at GL Summit 2017?


 The Global Leaders Summit 2017 will be hosted from February 24 - 26 at the Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, Pune. 

Globalization has created an era wherein the cross-cultural exchange of ideas and information have become the norm. As such, the study of international relations has centred itself around observing and understanding the influence of transnational factors that shape our societies on local, national and international levels. The role of the youth in international relations and development has become indisputable, as the youth symbolizes the transition from the present to the future. It is our responsibility to ensure the creation of a supportive environment that encourages students to explore various perspectives on global affairs and develop leadership skills, which are essential for their success in adapting to new and unique situations.

With this objective in mind, MUNCafe presents Global Leaders Summit 2017. To be  hosted in India, GL Summit 2017 will bring together collegiate students to deliberate on solutions to some of the most pressing global issues of today. 

Global Leaders Summit is hosted by MUNCafe, powered by the Georgetown International Relations Association (GIRA), a leading student-body organization at Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA, that promotes youth education in international relations, and in association with the Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts at Symbiosis International University, Pune in India.

The Georgetown International Relations Association (GIRA), Inc. is a student run non-profit organization dedicated to promoting youth education in international affairs. GIRA was founded in 1969 to promote a higher conception of international relations among students. In the years since our founding, we have provided opportunities for thousands of high school and college students to develop their acumen and passion for international affairs.

As the core of its mission, GIRA hosts two Model United Nations conferences: the National Collegiate Security Conference for college students and the North American Invitation Model United Nations for high school students. They are ranked the World's #1 Traveling MUN Team and have excellent skills and knowledge of Model United Nations.

MUNCafe is partnered with GIRA in providing students with holistic learning experiences in the field of International Relations and diplomacy. 

The Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts strongly believes in the importance of a more comprehensive education as preparation for career advancement and for the exercise of leadership. We believe organizations and society have an urgent need for creative individuals who will readily learn on the job, after having been more broadly prepared by a comprehensive educational background.

Based on our experiences with the liberal arts in the last 6 years, we know that a sound liberal arts education provides a much needed cultural orientation to the world in which we live and will equip students with ideas, analytical and communication skills, and global perspectives, as well as the ability to synthesize knowledge and make informed value judgments.

Our program helps students learn the skills, attitudes and abilities that are necessary today to grow into leaders of substance and be happy and successful in their future personal, community and organizational lives.


- Ms. Anita Patankar, Director, SSLA

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